HackerSpace Phnom Penh

Welcome to Hackerspace Phnom Penh!

New to Hackerspace? Check out our slide deck explaining everything about Hackerspace Phnom Penh. If you want to come and visit then we have a map showing the location of Hackerspace Phnom Penh.

Our website contains a number of other goodies, including details of our membership plans as well as details of local phnom penh tech events and much, much more!


If your looking to use Hackerspace Phnom Penh as a CO-WORKING SPACE then please contact us via CoLab Cambodia.

If you want to contact us about something Hackerspacey, you can checkout our Hackerspace Phnom Penh Facebook Page or send the group an email to:

hackerspace-phnom-penh <at> googlegroups.com


Nº. 263, Street 163
-- above 7 Mart --
Toul Tom Pong
Phnom Penh


Opening Times

HackerSpace is open 24/7

About Hackerspace Phnom Penh